incremental load of data, index

Table-valued functions in finaquant .net libraries

incremental load of data, index

Postby rajesh » 12 Jan 2014, 19:47

a) Does it support incremental load of data ie I started with a datatable t, did some function, and then inserted/deleted/updated some rows in t, would the calc automatically take into account these new rows
b) Internally does the calc uses index, if yes, how do i specify

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Tables are always read and written as a whole

Postby finaquant » 20 Jan 2014, 22:05

With the table functions of finaquant® protos (non-commercial) or finaquant® calcs (commercial) data tables are always read and written as a whole, just like you would store matrix variables in a math software.

.. as explained in related forum post: How to read and write tables from/to a database?

For example, assume you have a data table (of type MatrixTable), say T1. You can T1 with following statement:
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  1. dstore.WriteTableInstance(T1, "sales", trow);
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.. where "sales" is the name of the database table, and trow (of type TableRow) is the table instance information.

If you make some changes on table T1, and re-execute the statement above, the table instance stored in the database completely before storing the current instance of T1.

Incremental or partial read/write operations are not possible, and deliberately so, with finaquant's table functions. because tables are read and stored just like scalar or matrix parameters; always as a whole!
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