Table Valued Functions in Excel VBA?

Table-valued functions in finaquant .net libraries

Table Valued Functions in Excel VBA?

Postby tunc » 23 Aug 2014, 16:14

My answer to the user comment at, also attached below:

High Ugur,

The article Table Function Demo with Microsoft Excel explains how excel can be used as a visual cockpit for calculations with table-valued functions. It is not really for excel beginners or macro (VBA) programmers because almost everything must be done with .net programming.

I am currently working on an excel add-in which will make some central classes (like MatrixTable and MetaData) of our table-function libraries (Finaquant Protos and Calcs) accessable to VBA programmers.

There will also be some easy high-level table functions for excel users who want to do some practical and meaningful things without macros. We will probably offer this excel add-in and all the related code as open-source to developers.

I think, excel programmers who appreciate having Matrix and Vector Functions in VBA will find Table Functions in Excel/VBA even more useful.

Hi Tunc,

excel macro sample is quite useful, but i couldn’t figure out, “why you preferred to add library functions, which get directly, excel file name or sheets etc… as input parameters?”

i would rather expect to see, a sample code, which shows how to call your library, with vbscript for example;

This code suppose to handle, creation of the library objects and their usages, combined with similar call to excel, word, access etc…

Is there any special user requirement, use case etc… behind this functionality?

Is it also possible to give an example like the one i have tried to explain above?

Shortly, i am expecting something like the code below. Of course, instead of IE, i want to create objects related to your library and call your methods…

Thanks & Regards

Sample vbscript code:
Set objIE = CreateObject(“InternetExplorer.Application”)
objIE.Visible = 1
objIE.Navigate “”
Do Until VarType(objIE) = 9
WScript.Sleep 1000
Set objIE = Nothing
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