Financial planning with table functions?

Table-valued functions in finaquant .net libraries

Financial planning with table functions?

Postby Sonny » 21 Sep 2013, 18:23

Can table functions of protos/cals be used for financial planning? Do you have any example?

Thx, Sonny
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Re: Financial planning with table functions?

Postby finaquant » 23 Sep 2013, 14:45

Table functions of the .net library finaquant® calcs can be used for financial planning and simulation. In fact, well-known business applications like the FOX formulas of SAP offer in principle configurable (parametric) table functions for financial planning.

You can also use Calculation Nodes & Networks for building easily extendable input/output structures where all inputs and outputs are data tables.

We haven’t yet published an example application for financial planning, but it is certainly in our task list.

Note that our free .net library finaquant® protos cannot be used for commercial applications like financial planning.
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