What if first release of finaquant calcs is not ripe enough?

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What if first release of finaquant calcs is not ripe enough?

Postby vargas » 20 Oct 2013, 10:59

Hello, I want to buy a license for finaquant calcs but I hesitate:

I know that this library is new, but is there a customer reference or testimonial so far?

More importantly, what if the first release of this .net library is not ripe enough? What if there are too many bugs and missing features? I would be stuck with the first release, and will need to repay for an improved release in future?

Thanks, Vargas
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Owner of a permanent license can use all future releases

Postby finaquant » 22 Oct 2013, 19:18

As notified on the product page of finaquant® calcs owner of a permanent license has the right to install and use all future releases of the library.

That is, you don't need to pay for new licenses or updates in order to install and use future releases of finaquant® calcs. You need to pay only once for all releases.

Customer testimonials:
As we have released finaquant® calcs just in September 2013, we don't have yet customer testimonials. We will try to find some reference customers and remedy this situation as soon as possible.
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