New project: Table Information Content & Metadata Algorithms

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New project: Table Information Content & Metadata Algorithms

Postby finaquant » 27 Apr 2014, 12:32

Dear Software/Math Scholars, Professionals and Investors

Please contact me (email: tuncalik at finaquant dot com) if you might be interested in the following project.
Originally inspired by planning and reporting requirements of an insurance company in 2006 (I was then responsible for financial planning) I started to develop the foundations of two closely related concepts:

  1. Table Information Content
  2. Metadata Algorithms
Using metadata algorithms one can determine if one set of tables (source data) contain the information content of a requested table.

Furthermore, one can also determine the set of table functions (or table operations) that need to be applied on source tables in order to obtain the requested table. These table functions can be applied automatically to generate the requested information (requested table).

Metadata algorithms are related with Business Intelligence & Analytics, including applications like intelligent reporting.

You may find more information in the attached pdf file (slides for overview).

This may become either an academic project supported by Swiss National Funds, or a commercial product-development project supported by Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI).

In both cases, it is mandatory that an experienced team of specialists is established. Furthermore, a CTI project requires a Swiss partner company that supports product development with at least 10 employees.

As mentioned above, please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in this innovative project as a scholar (software, math), professional or investor. Email: tuncalik (at) finaquant dot com

Tunc A. Kütükcüoglu

Finaquant has two .NET libraries for Table Functions (analytical table operations with data tables as input and output parameters): finaquant® protos (non-commercial), and finaquant® calcs (commercial)
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