Complete Solution for 5 Quantitative Projects, FREE!

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Complete Solution for 5 Quantitative Projects, FREE!

Postby finaquant » 31 Oct 2013, 16:40

As we are looking for interesting reference projects for our software (finaquant® calcs - Calculation Engine based on Table Functions) from different industries, scientific institutes and countries, we offer complete solution for free (incl. analysis, consulting, software, implementation) for 5 interesting projects that can be completed within about 5 man-days.


CONTACT finaquant FOR YOUR QUANTITATIVE PROJECT that require analytical computation with data tables, like:

  • Artificial Intelligence: Estimations, Predictions, Scenario Analysis, Simulations & Optimizations; all based on a function tree representing an analytical (cause-effect) relationship like product profitability based on inputs like sales, costs, wages etc.
  • Commission/Performance/Bonus/ServiceFee Calculations (incl. simulations & scenario analysis)
  • Financial Planning & Simulation (a single model)
  • Replacing all sorts of complex analytical computations implemented with legacy database programming (SQL, stored procedures) by simpler Table Functions

With these reference projects we want to prove that seemingly expensive quantitative projects can be completed within several days with finaquant® calcs.

Software license:
You have a 1-month free trial period for our software; you don't need to pay anything for the software license unless you want to buy a permanent license at the end of the trial period. For the reference project you are not obliged to buy any license.

Typical schedule of a 5-day project:
* 3 work-days: Requirement analysis, meetings (online or in person), finalization of requirement document
* 1 work-day: Implementation of the solution with finaquant® calcs by Finaquant Analytics
* 1 work-day: Demonstration and Discussion of the implemented solution

How to apply:
* By email: contactfq (at)
* Please don't forget to send your draft requirement documents.
* Test data and expected results can be sent in excel files.
* Applications until 31. March 2014; earlier applications have higher chances to be elected

For telephone inquiries: +41 78 842 24 47

You will profit from a reference project most, if:
* You need a refined requirement document anyway
* Your reference project is relevant, general and replicable enough to use the experience in other projects, like a prototype or proof of concept.

Other costs:
* If you think personal meetings are beneficial, all travel and accommodation costs must be paid by the customer.
* Preparing the required meeting facilities is also the responsibility of the customer.

Finaquant Analytics GmbH
Humrigenstrasse 45, CH-8704 Herrliberg, Switzerland

See how Dealer Commissions can be calculated with finaquant® calcs: ... calcs/3607
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Why you might need finaquant® calcs

Postby finaquant » 01 Dec 2013, 21:51

finaquant® calcs can be used for following purposes:
  • To implement analytical cause-effect relationships (function trees) in business and science (like product profitability based on historical sales, production costs and wages) without traditional database programming (SQL, stored procedures etc.)
  • Once the analytical relationship (function tree) is implemented, all sorts of quantitative analysis can be carried out by programmatically varying the input values to generate some graphical reports for decision support, like forecasts and estimations, scenario analysis, simulations and optimizations.

finaquant® calcs can’t be used for following purposes:
  • Daily business transactions like data registration or updates, and queries; this is a software for analytical computations only.
  • Reporting: Presenting sections and views of existing data with well formatted tables and graphs.
  • Data Mining: Automated detection of analytical relationships, classifications, correlation analysis..

Why you might need finaquant® calcs:
  • You need to implement some analytical computations that are too complex for excel sheets.
  • You find no other choice to implement these computations other than time-consuming database programming.
  • Existing implementations (with any business application, or database programming) may not be not atomic, independent or flexible enough for scenario analysis and simulation.
  • To automate whole calculation processes including tasks like reading/writing data tables from/to databases, data validation, custom events functions triggered at configured stages.
finaquant® calcs – Calculation Engine based on Table Functions
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